Telling Stories with motion is like waiting for magic...

...and then waving your wand to capture it before it disappears


It takes time to prepare for a great project.  It is never about just showing up.  The preparation can either be planning, or just knowing what to bring and then wait for the moments  to unfold.

Working with Kevin was great.  Good crew, great outcome.  It’s always good to work with a pro.


Exec. Producer

Great project!  On time and on budget!

Bryan F.


More than we could have asked for! The project has been well received both internally and externally.


National account team lead

From planning, to execution and delivery, Kevin’s team was amazing.  Cannot wait to work with them again!



It really is about having the right people and the right gear...

…At the right time

Telling your story through video...

Video tells stories in a way that guide us through the senses and connects with our emotions.  


Do you know your story?

We can help you with telling your story.  To refine it and deliver the best impact to your viewer.  No matter the connection to the viewer, client, employee or other stakeholder.  We can help you tell the story that connects…


No matter where you are...

Local, in the US or Global, we can help.


Working in the industry for over 30 years has an added benefit, I probably have been in any situation you can imagine.  That experience means, I can problem solve on the fly.  Waiting for the light or the moment for the scene to play out, or create the light and direct the talent to express just the right feeling.  

Let me show you how we can add the magic to your story.


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