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Long form photo essays inspired me from the days of Life magazine and National Geographic.  These new tools allow is go in depth and add video and can be posted to social media, websites or have ready on smart devices. 




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Resort Lifestyle + Hospitality visuals need to connect and engage the senses…

Golf Any One?

This was created as an sample of work showcasing the photography and design capabilities of StrategicMedia.

Equine Life

Horses and horse life has always been something special.  This picture story is about a fer and the horses he works with.

Fields of white

On a farm in South Carolina, cotton is king and has been a growing tradition for over 200 years. The Perrow family has farmed this 2800 acre farm, primarily growing cotton and peanuts. Three generations are currently hard at work to make it a prosperous working farm for now and the future.

SouthSide High

We represent 11 nations, and we speak 28 different languages.

This is our story

More than Amazing


Giggling Sisters Pie Shop

When a woman has an idea about combining baking pies, making art and sharing space with other women…